Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I advertise with USY?

A. Please contact a Customer Service representative at 1 (866) 752-8797 or fax in an order form to 1 (866) 702-8797 to advertise your company with us.

Q. What is a Listing Order Form?

A. A solicitation to list your business in our Print and Online Directory

Q. Where did you get my information from?

A. We purchase our data from reputable data providers such as Dun & Bradstreet, InfoUSA, etc.

Q. What is a heading?

A. It is the Yellow Pages classification under which your business falls.

Q. Why does it say "THIS IS NOT A BILL" on the form?

A. This is to notify the prospective customer that what they are looking at is a solicitation and not an invoice.

Q. Why doesn't the Listing Order Form list all advertising options?

A. We only list the standard advertising options due to the space we have on the solicitation.

Q. Why do you use the Walking Fingers logo? Are you affiliated with my local Yellow Pages company?

A. The Walking Fingers logo is a generic indicator of the yellow pages as a product without regard to any particular company and is in the public domain to use. US Yellow is not affiliated with any local or long distance telephone company.

Q. Can I list more than one location?

A. Yes you can. Please contact one of our Customer Service representatives for all options available at 1 (866) 752-8797 .

Q. Don't I get a free listing?

A. You get a complimentary online listing with a paid print listing. The fee to list in our directory is $259 per quarter .

Q. Does US Yellow offer larger than Premium ads?

A. Yes, we offer a range of display ad sizes. Please contact Customer Service to discuss at 1 (866) 752-8797 .

Q. What does SOF on my invoice mean?

A. Signature on File

Q. Where are your books distributed?

A. To businesses throughout the nation.

Q. I paid a good portion of my balance; why did I not receive a book?

A. Only customers who have paid their balance, in full, receive a book.

Q. How often do you update your website listings?

A. Every 24 hours.

Q. What is a courtesy online listing?

A. An online courtesy listing is a basic display of information about your business. USY provides online courtesy listings free of charge with a paid print listing to any business.

Q. Do you only advertise online?

A. No. We also produce a print directory, published twice a year. View past editions.

Q. What is the difference between US Yellow and other YPs?

A. US Yellow is another avenue to get into the marketplace. We offer competitively priced listing options and we understand the needs of small businesses.

Q. Can I make a payment online?

A. Absolutely! There is a link to our payment page in the upper right corner of our web page.

Q. Do you give a discount to non-profit organizations?

A. No. We try to keep all our prices as reasonable as possible, and we feel US Yellow offers excellent value in comparison to other equivalent services.

Q. Are you BBB accredited?

A. Currently, we are not. We are in negotiations to become accredited and expect that to happen soon.

Q. Who can make changes to my listing?

A. A duly authorized representative of your company.